Meet and have fun in the best places in Mexico. Attend the biggest events of the Year.

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Live the experience

Have fun in the best concerts in Mexico. Dress and live the best musical and cultural festivals in the country. Tour the beautiful landscapes and stay camping in them, the best campsite in Mexico. Relax and stroll on fantastic excursions in the beautiful areas of the country.

Surprise yourself with the cultural events of the various Mexican cities that exist. See the most beautiful landscapes camping in the mountains and the forest. Explore the country’s beaches on boat trips. Have the best entertainment at film festivals or the most amazing plays of events in the country.

Relax in national parks, have fun at outdoor events. Listen to your favorite bands while touring the beer and food festivals in or out of your city. Look for the best food in food truck camps. Relax and enjoy a massage in the spas of Mexico. Go on an excursion to each magical town in Mexico. Get to know the culture of other countries at international festivals and look for your maximum entertainment, accompanied by foreign stars and exhibitors.