Discover the Culture and History of Mexico through its beautiful Magical Towns.

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View the magical towns of Mexico

Travel and stop to enjoy the wonders of each Mexican town, where natural wonders, stories, flavors and fantastic colors are hidden. Walk the roads of Mexico, exploring the fantastic villages hidden in the hills and hills of Mexican landscapes.

Go and enjoy typical foods from each region of the country, take your palate to the typical towns of Mexico. Fall in love with the warm and friendly people who live in these magical towns. Enjoy the typical drinks of western Mexico, visit the places where they are produced, such as Tequila Jalisco.

Perform outdoor activities in the various adventures offered by Mexican peoples. Ride a horse in the ranches and landscapes of Mexico. Meet the vine or agave plantations in your country. Visit and enjoy the festivals held in the beautiful towns of Mexico.

Visit the magical towns of the country during their holiday seasons. Dance, eat and drink in the historic centers of the towns of Mexico. Stay in the comfortable and cozy cabins of the beautiful Mexican villages and eat typical homemade and home-cooked breakfast offered by restaurants in the magical towns.