Cenote Garden of the Eden”Jardin del Eden”

There are two types of sacred places:

those created by people with a solemn architecture  such as temples and churches, and those created by nature. Those magnificent sacred places made by nature remind us of the modest of our existence with majestic, imposing and powerful places. There are no tricks here: you’ll feel overwhelm immediately, knowing the greatness that shows your place in the universe. It’s just breathtaking.

This is what happens in the cenotes, which were once sacred spaces for the Mayan people and now are places where you can reconnect with nature. The Cenote “Jardín del Eden” has earned its name, because if life began in a wonderful garden, it sure looked just like this one.


What makes Cenote “Jardin del Eden” so special?

It is an open-air cenote:

Cenotes, depending on their age, may be more or less covered. The youngest are more closed, while those in the open sky denote a greater geological age. The Cenote “Jardín del Eden” is open to the sky, which gives it warmer waters and unusual biological richness. Not surprisingly, it is a mecca for lovers of underwater life.


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It is very close to Playa del Carmen:

If you are staying in this beautiful place, then the Cenote “Jardín del Eden” will be the perfect plan to spend a relaxing morning with your family, after a day of more agitated and tired excursion. It can also be part of shorter tours and excursions. You can arrive by bus, taxi and even walking, depending on where you are staying.

You can dive in:

It seems silly, but in most cenotes you can’t jump into the water from a great height. Here you will find platforms from which you can jump from 3 and 5 meters high. Nothing to bring you back to life like a reckless dip in the water mirrors of this natural pool.


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It is perfect for snorkeling and diving:

There are small underwater passages that will take you to other wells in the middle of the jungle, and the marine life is quite interesting. Many people take some lessons to learn to dive on this site, as it makes you feel quite safe.

It’s very natural:

You will find some palapas on the shore, places to eat, very modest bathrooms and little else. Here human intervention is minimal and that is part of its charm.

It’s less crowded than other cenotes:

Depending on the day and season, you will find fewer tourists than in other nearby cenotes. Although it is a very practical place to be so close to Playa el Carmen, it is surprising that you can find it with few people, especially in the mornings.


How to get to the Cenote “Jardín del Eden”

Cenote “Jardin del Eden” #mxptravel

To get to the Cenote “Jardín del Eden”, known as La Ponderosa by the guides and locals, you do not require divine intervention but to make the journey by driving. It is only 20 minutes from south of Playa del Carmen. If you are in Merida, you can take the federal highway to Cancun, follow the route to Playa del Carmen. Then take the road to Tulum and you will find a sign indicating that you have arrived. It is very close to the Cenote “Azul”, in fact you must pass the entrance to it.

From the entrance to the parking lot you must take a small dirt road. If you have taken public transport, you should walk this short road, which can take about 15 minutes. At the entrance you pay the rate for each person (between 100 to 200 Mexican pesos adults, 50 children and 150 divers) and then you can enter this little paradise.

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Tips to enjoy your visit to the Cenote “Jardín del Eden”

Try to go in the morning. There are fewer people and if you dive, you can enjoy the beautiful halocline that forms when the salt water meets the well water, which makes it look like a mirror. Afternoons are a bit busier.

This cenote closes on Saturdays, so you should keep it in mind to plan your walks and excursions. Open from Monday to Friday and Sundays from 8 am to 5pm.

No need to hire guides or excursions to visit this cenote. Just take a taxi or the bus in Playa del Carmen and you will be in a few minutes.

Take your own snorkeling gear.

If you don’t know how to swim very well, we recommend wearing life jackets because the water is deep. On the site you can rent vests for about $50 pesos, but they are not always in the best conditions.

There is a small establishment that sells fast food and some snacks, but it is advisable to bring something to snack or eat if you are going to spend the day there. Remember that you are not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages or smoke.

The men who sells the ticket is known for not being really friendly. It is not personal and don’t let it ruin your experience in this branch of paradise.

To preserve the balance of ecosystem it is not allowed to use sunscreen, creams or repellents, so wear umbrellas, shirts, hats and other physical barriers to protect your skin. The sun is not very strong or direct because of the rock formations and plants, but it is good to take extra precautions.

You must bring your swimsuit and towels. Swimming with clothes is not allowed.

Sit on the shore, relax and let the small fish make you a pedicure. Sounds a bit weird, but there is a species of fish that enjoys feeding on dead skin cells. You will feel a slight tingle and you will leave with impeccable feet.

It is not recommended to leave anything of value inside the car and if you go during busy hours it is better to be aware of your belongings. Go with little cash and if you feel them necessary, you can rent a locker to leave your valuables. It is not insecure, but there are those who have had unpleasant experiences in the middle of the crowd.

Mornings at Cenote “Jardín del Eden” are a privileged place for bird watching. Toucans and other species that make life in the jungle pass through the place to ornate the sky with their colorful plumage.

You better carry some pesos. Although they accept foreign currency, they do not receive it at the best rate.

Enjoy the crystal clear water, shy fish and relaxed atmosphere. Commune with water and nature. You will leave feeling renewed.


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