Tequila Jalisco: magical town of tradition and flavor

Tequila Jalisco, a beautiful town located 69 kilometers from the Guadalajara capital Guadalajara. The beautiful town is made up of valleys, some plains and is surrounded by some mountains. A fantastic place to visit in western Mexico. Beautiful green landscapes, and with architectures typical of rural beauty of the early 20th century, before the revolution.

Tequila is a fascinating town, full of activities, although it is noteworthy that it is best to know the farms and distributors of agave and tequila that are in the place, enjoy outdoor activities and take advantage to take beautiful photos of the place and enjoying yourself. Of course, if you are going to Tequila it is an obligation to try the traditional intoxicating drink with the same name, and add to the menu the delicious cuisine of western Mexico and try the traditional tejuinos of the town.

We recommend the center of the town of Tequila, for its beautiful architecture, its joy and well-being that transmits and of course the different places to eat and drink.

The biggest recommendation is to take the José Cuervo Express and in to know its plantations and agave and tequila producers or if I came you prefer to take several days and know all the tequila producers that are in the area, such as the Tequilara Herradura or Sauza House.

How to get to Tequila

The best thing to get to Tequila and enjoy a robust route is to take the train, known as Tequila Express, whose route will make you enjoy the landscapes and delicacies that the region offers.

You can check rates and schedules at https://www.tequilaexpress.mx/.

Also independent tequila houses like José Cuervo house offers you the possibility of boarding your express rail to drive you to the town of Tequila and its hacienda and producer.

If you are in Guadalajara, another option is to take your vehicle and proceed to take Guadalajara-Tepic road and take the deviation to Tequila that will indicate the road itself.

The last option is to take a bus in the old central of Guadalajara, if you reside in the pearl tapatia or the option is to arrive first to Guadalajara if you come from another place and then take the bus. The same applies to take the tours of the express railways of the tequileras.

Curiosities of Tequila

One of the most flirtatious curiosities of the place, is the so-called “Blessing of 9 pm”, at that exact time the priest of the town leaves the main temple and 3 bells are played, at that time you will notice that the resident residents of the instead, they will stop whatever activity they are doing and turn their attention to the church to receive the blessing of the Lord priest and entrust their activities to God.

No doubt the locals are extremely devoted to the Catholic religion, celebrating in large part all the festivities that the religion perceives, such as anniversaries, saints and important dates.

The legend of tequila

The legend of how the tequila was created is also a favorite to listen and tell for the inhabitants, it changes from mouth to mouth like every good legend, however, the structure is the same and goes more or less like this:

The agave, which was praised and harvested very carefully by the Nahuatl (natives who speak Nahuatl) in the area, this because of its benefits, not only as food, but also as medicine. One day one of the workers of the place saw a lightning strike in the agave plantation, when he went to see he found several plants of the same seared and the exquisite aroma he gave off caught his attention, then he picked up some of the plants and took them to home, as the days went by I noticed that the taste changed in the branches, so he returned to the place of the lightning and when he found the “pineapple” of the exposed agave he decided to take it and try what he had inside, he loved it and compared it with drink brought by the gods through the fire of lightning, thus creating tequila.


With a mainly cool to temperate climate with an average of 23 C, with dry winters, but regular rains in summer and spring. Perfect for vacationing or going back and forth a weekend because of the gentleness of its environment.



The best festivities offered by the town of tequila are:

National Tequila Fair

It is celebrated from December 30 to October 12, in which there are activities such as charrería, coronation to the beauty queen and of course the exhibition of the town’s tequila makers.

History and culture

Tequila is known for the iconic drink with the same name. The people of Jalisco are proud to be the main and the first tequila producer in the world, with the ideal climate for agave plantations, the plant necessary for the production of this delicious liquor.

All referring to Tequila as a town, round the agave distillate that bears his name, its economy, its ornaments in the streets of the town and of course, its fame that come from the preparation and export of liquor, sell it and make known To the rest of the country and the world.

The region that today is the town of Tequila, was inhabited mainly by Chichimec, Nahuatlac and Otomi tribes. This was until the conquest of the west and the well-known war of the mixton, where the majority of indigenous populations were defeated and conquered by the Spanish armies and their allies.

The town of Tequila was founded on April 15, 1530, by Franciscans guided by Fray Juan Calero, bringing indigenous people from Chiquihuitillo, to compensate for the low population density caused by the war of conquest in western Mexico.

In 1600, Pedro Sánchez de Tagle created the first agave distillery, creating the first tequila factory in the country.

After the independence of Mexico, the town of Tequila was named “villa” and was head of the 26 departments that Jalisco divided in 1824.


Another recommended holiday is to go on a holiday season, that you can check on the dates of the town, but we recommend the holiday of “Our Lady of the Pure Conception” and “Fervor to the Virgin of Guadalupe”, these are They celebrate 8 and 12 respectively, with a great party atmosphere and if you are a Catholic you can also enjoy as a bonus a great atmosphere and devotion to religion.